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Longparish Church of England Primary School (Aided)

Eco Warriors

We as Eco warriors help the school to prevent waste. We watch the news to see what is happening around us, like the pollution that is occurring. We hope to try and help our school and community. Sometimes in meetings we make posters to put around the school to make the other children aware of what we are working on. At the moment, we have based our meetings on waste and how to stop it. At lunchtime, we are giving the children stickers that say I have eaten my fish or I have tried something new or I have eaten all my vegetables. This is to help them not to waste food.

Our leader is Mrs Perrett she is very nice and kind. We have been reading a book called ‘The Rubbish Monster Thing’. It is about a little called Elsie, she sees a rubbish monster thing in the corner of her eye in the garden, she tells it how to prevent waste because he is made of rubbish. Under all that rubbish the monster was actually really nice and he would never try and hurt anyone! He is no longer a monster but a person made of metal. 

We will continue to learn and encourage those around us in school to help look after our environment and everything in it. We are really excited for our next meetings. We love eco warriors & we will forever.