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Longparish Church of England Primary School (Aided)

Home learning for w/c 20th April

Dear Chaffinch,

I hope that you have managed to have a lovely time over the Easter holiday despite the lock-down. Hopefully you have spent some quality time with your family and been able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I have been busy with Harry and Amelia. We have done quite a lot of school work as well as some art and creative bits. We have been going out on bike rides most days and also done a lot of baking. We also do the Joe Wicks PE session everyday which is good fun. My two are missing their school classes like I’m missing Chaffinch. I’m looking forward to us all being back together again.

I am looking forward to hearing about all your adventures and activities you have done whilst being off. Maybe some of you are keeping a diary. In years to come you’ll be known as the rainbow children and talk about your memories and experiences so make sure you’re having fun in this difficult time!

Mrs Verran says hello to you too, she misses you as well. She has been busy sorting out plants in her garden and going for walks.

Just in case you were missing my super funny jokes: What do you call a chair that has fallen over? A bad SITuation. HAHAHA!!!

Whilst we have been off I have been busy planning work for you to do so that you don’t miss too much. I plan to e-mail it every Thursday or Friday so you have it ready to start on the Monday. Some tasks will take longer than others.

Please complete each of the tasks detailed below over the week. Try and keep your subjects organised and in order, maybe you have a book or folder to put it all in. There should be a full range of subjects for you. I have added resources as attachments that you will need, these may be over several e-mails as I can only send a certain amount of attachments at a time.

Try your best! Sorry I can’t be there to explain but I hope I have provided enough detail to help you on your way.

Mrs Brewer