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Longparish Church of England Primary School (Aided)

Lighting our Collective Worship Candles

We start our Collective Worships in school by lighting our candles and saying the Lord's Prayer.

Our candles have special meaning for us:

First, we light the BLUE CANDLE:

Our blue candle represents God the Father. It is blue to show that God is like the sky above us and is always there, looking over us. 

When we light it  we all say together:

“May we show RESPECT for the world that God the Father has created for us.”

Then we light the GREEN CANDLE:

Our green candle represents The Son of God. It is green to show that Jesus came down to earth for us.

When we light it we all say together:

“May we follow Jesus’ example by sharing FRIENDSHIP with all who we meet.” 

Then we light our YELLOW CANDLE:

Our yellow candle represents The Holy Spirit. It is yellow to represent the air we breathe around us.

When we light it  we all say together:

“May the Holy Spirit give us the courage to strive for EXCELLENCE in all that we do.” 

Finally, we light our white candle of Peace. 

"May Peace be upon you."

"And also with you."