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Longparish Church of England Primary School (Aided)

London vs Londinium

The children have loved this topic! Our classroom has turned into London. The children have designed and made their own landmarks which look fabulous!
We have learnt so much about London, thinking about the important people from the past such as Samuel Pepys, Guy Fawkes and the different monarchs through the ages. The children now know many different events that happened and are developing their understanding of the past. 

In English, we have been reading the book ‘Katie in London’; this has taught us about the landmarks of London. This has coincided with Geography and Maths, where we have been using maps to discover the area as well as creating maps to plan journeys to their favourite places. The children are able to use the appropriate language to direct others. The children have compared London with Longparish and spotted a few differences!

We have loved looking at the skyline of London and have recreated this using chalk and mixed media, thinking carefully about the silhouettes of each landmark.  

As a big end to the topic, the children have invented their own stories based on the book. Feel free to come and have a read of their fantastic work. The children received a letter from The Queen and loved replying with information about London that she requested for her grandchildren.