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Longparish Church of England Primary School (Aided)

Our visit to The Hawk Conservancy

It was a very cold morning on Tuesday 20th November and Robin Class set off in the minibus for The Hawk Conservancy. We were greeted by Miriam who showed us where to leave our bags and took us around to look at the owls. We went through the burrow and watched the Burrowing Owls and heard that their sound was very similar to a Rattle Snake. We really liked the Barn owl and we looked at its very small skull compared to its big feathery head. We felt some different feathers and learnt how an owl’s ears are very important to hear their prey. The children remembered that some of the owls were nocturnal and some crepuscular.

We learnt that some of the owls were rescued and some were born in captivity. We were all so cold that we went off to the restaurant to eat our snacks and drink some warm milk.

Then we went to see the display of owls flying over our heads, sometimes we had to duck! We were able to get very close to Little owls and Barn Owls.

It was then time to wander back to have our lunch. We saw many different birds including Hawks and Kestrels and we learnt what part of the world they came from and what they ate. The restaurant was very kind to let us eat our lunch in the warm. We were all hungry by then and tucked into our sandwiches.

After lunch, when the worst of the rain had stopped, we looked at some more owls but unfortunately it was too wet to play in the new play area. We compared our stretched arms to the wing span of the big birds.

Then we went to watch the big display where the highlight was watching a Snowy Owl fly and walk. We also watched the Vultures flying and taking food.

It was time to head back to the minibus. Everyone had a really good time thanks to Miriam, Nick and the team. We were all very tired but as usual the children behaved perfectly. Well done Robin Class!