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Longparish Church of England Primary School (Aided)

Parents' Information

Communication with Parents

We maintain a warm and welcoming environment and encourage informal contact with parents at the beginning and end of the day. Any request by a parent for private consultation with a class teacher or senior leader, should be made via the office and will be facilitated at the earliest convenient time.

There are also several times in a year when parents are invited in to talk to the teachers and see their child's work.

For example:

  • Parents are invited to their child's class Collective Worship each year.
  • Parents have the opportunity to 'Meet the Teacher' at our September open evening, giving parents a chance to meet their child's class teacher and find out more about the year ahead and to discuss their child's academic and social development and progress.
  • Parents are invited to a consultation about progress in November, February and July.
  • Parents have a written Annual Report just before the summer holidays.

Our other ways of communicating with parents include:

  • The school website.
  • A Texting service.
  • A fortnightly information update/newsletter.
  • A year group curriculum newsletter each half-term.
  • Individual letters to parents when class visits are arranged.
  • Direct telephone calls.
  • E-mail communication from the school. Email communication to the school:
  • Home visits as part of the induction process for early years pupils.
  • Curriculum based meetings and information leaflets provided to support your child at home.
  • School Governors update.
  • PTA /FoLS updates.

We can provide a paper copy of any of the information on our website. Please request from the school office.