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Longparish Church of England Primary School (Aided)

School Improvement Plan

Last Ofsted Inspection Judgement- January 2014 - Graded Outstanding

Last SIAMS Report - March 2019 - Excellent

Key areas of School Improvement 2022/2023

1. Quality of Education:

1.1 To create a consistent approach to teaching and learning

1.2 To ensure high achieving pupils achieve to their full potential

1.3 To ensure the use of technology supports teaching and learning and develops a connection between learning and home

1.4 To develop Outdoor Learning in the Early Years and in KS1 

2. Behaviour and Attitudes:

2.1 To further develop the Christian Ethos of the school

2.2 To develop pupil voice across the school

3. Personal Development

3.1 To develop the learning behaviours in our children

4. Leadership and management

4.1 To develop subject leaders in their ability to confidently lead on their subject across the school

4.2 To develop the role of Inclusion Manager and Curriculum Lead

4.3 To ensure that we have a robust safeguarding culture that safeguards all children from the full range of harm

4.4 To ensure we have a safe and supportive environment that promotes positive health and wellbeing of all staff