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Longparish Church of England Primary School (Aided)

The Broad and Balanced Curriculum

We aim to ensure that all children receive a broad and balanced curriculum; this means that we give your children learning experiences in a topic format that cover a wide base of exciting, challenging and wide ranging learning opportunities. These are taught with your child's preferred learning style in mind. 

For example, when the children study the 'Rainforest', they may look at this in all subjects; looking at the history, geography of the forest as well as thinking about it mathematically and scientifically.  The children might also dance to composed rain forest music and study the art that celebrates rainforest life. In this study, the children will cover a wide variety of tasks, skills and knowledge which will enable them to understand the topic more deeply. 

We also look at the whole child; we impart skills, knowledge and understanding, concerning all aspects of a child's life; their spiritual, social, psychological, emotional life as well as their  academic, moral and cultural life. We aim to ensure all learning experiences are exciting, child centred and just challenging enough without becoming burdensome. We believe all children should have a childhood and enjoy their time in school as children.

All learning where possible, is fun and sometimes even silly, in order for the children to remember or retain information, which is linked to a fun or silly stimulus! A relaxed, fun and happy time is conducive to good learning! Children learn best when they are happy, free from fear, anxiety or stress.