welcome to robins class

  • During the first few weeks, we will find out what the children already know and can do and use this information to help us develop an individual learning programme for each child.
  • You will be invited to discuss your child's progress at parents' evenings during the year.  However, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to us.
  • The bell for the start of school will be rung at 8.55am.  A member of staff will be on duty from 8.45am.  Initially, a member of Robins Team will be available from this time in case you need a chat or to pass on information.  We will also be available at 3.15pm, the end of the day.
  • To encourage your child's independence please allow them to be responsible for their own belongings and enter school by themselves.
  • In the classroom the children will make their lunch choice.  You will be given a copy of the menu so you can help your child with their choice.
  • Water and fruit.  The children are all offered milk and a piece of fruit or vegetable at snack time each morning.
  • Drinking water is available throughout the day.  We ask you to send in a labelled drinking flask of water for your child every day.
  • Reward stickers are given to children for good work, behaviour and helpfulness.  The children will also be awarded housepoints and will receive a certificate for every 20 points earned.
  • Please name all items of uniform and PE kit.
  • PE kits stay at school for the half term, when it will be sent home for washing.
  • Sensible footwear is required when using the timber trail.
  • There is usually a school newsletter every fortnight and is usually sent home on a Friday.  It is also posted on the school website. There is also a weekly newsletter and homework sheet for Robin class.
  • Please bring your book bag to school every day. Please do not put your child's water in this bag as the bottles often leak and reading books are spoilt.
  • Your child will bring home a book to share.  Please feel free to add comments to the reading diary.  Eventually, letter sounds we have been learning that week will be added to their folders to practise at home.
  • All About Me bags will be shared with us in school. They will also have "Wow" cards in which you can share with us any moments of greatness eg. putting on their own socks and shoes, being able to do up buttons on their coat by themselves, sharing their toys, recognising their letter sounds etc.  There will be a Star of the Week for a child who has performed well at school. Pip and book will go home with the child with a book to record the weekend. 
  • The library van comes to school every month. Dates of visits will be sent home so you know when the library books need to be at school to be changed.

Our aim is for both you and your child to have a happy and confident beginning to their school life.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Manley

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